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Restock Pristine Items

Is your returned inventory piling up? Turn it into an asset instead of a liability with Reqora's Refurbishing service

Sell on Alternative Platforms

Some products simply can't be restocked on Amazon. But that doesn't mean they should go to waste

Claims for Fraudulent Returns

Don't let fraudulent returns eat into your profits. With Reqora's Reimbursement service, we offer a streamlined approach to handling your claims

Features and Services

Seamless Path from Returns to Revenue Generation

Reqora helps you to generate revenue and also contribute to sustainability goals

AI-Driven Analysis

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to automatically assess the condition and potential value of your returned products.

Sustainable Profitability

Turn your e-commerce returns into profitable assets while contributing to sustainability and reducing waste.

Multi-Channel Resale

Increase your revenue by effortlessly relisting qualifying returns across multiple third-party e-commerce platforms.

Seamless API Integration

Integrate Reqora's solutions seamlessly into your existing workflow for a hassle-free returns management experience.

Fraud Reimbursement

When the fraudulent return occurs, we create detailed claim files to secure your reimbursement.

Circular Economy

Be a part of the circular economy by refurbishing or reselling returned items, ensuring they get a second life.

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Sign up for a Reqora account. Our platform gives you access to an AI-driven returns management system designed for efficiency and profitability.


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Authorize via Amazon's Seller API and add Reqora's address in your settings as return address. This one-time setup ensures a seamless process for all future returns.


Profit from Your Returns

After all done, Reqora AI evaluates each return for you. AI choose the most profitable route, such as, restocking, reselling, or filing a claim.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Once a product is returned to our warehouse, it undergoes an evaluation process. Our automated AI tool analyzes images of the returned item to determine its condition and what should be done with it. The item may be returned to your Amazon inventory, relisted on third-party platforms, or a claim file could be generated in case of fraudulent returns.

Reqora's AI Assistant is a 24/7 support feature that provides real-time answers to your questions about Amazon selling, returns, and other topics. Using machine learning, the assistant analyzes your query and provides accurate, context-aware information to help you make informed decisions.

Your data security is our top priority. We use end-to-end encryption and comply with all data protection laws, including GDPR, to ensure your information is safe and secure.

Yes, authorizing your Amazon Seller account with Reqora is a crucial step to fully utilize our services. This connection allows us to sync your data securely so that we can provide real-time insights into your returns, inventory, and sales. The process is simple and secure, and it's necessary for the full functionality of our automated return management and AI assistance features. Rest assured, your account's security is our top priority.

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